Threads: Is It Worth the Hype For My Business?

The new and trendy platform that is sparking conversation among business owners is Threads- a text based conversation app, very similar to Twitter, where users can engage in real-time conversations. 

The majority of the feed is text based, but you can also find videos and photos on the platform. With so much hype building around the platform, is it worth it to integrate Threads into your business marketing plan?

Here’s my hot take!


Threads is an extension of IG so gaining community is not as difficult as it may seem. There is an option to automatically follow the same accounts on Threads that you do on Instagram so that as they join the platform you will start to see them on your feed further moving the connection forward through a different journey of your business/life.

You can also access Threads directly from your Instagram account making it easier to keep track of the app and find other users.

The goal is to post threads and start a conversation very similar to Twitter so if you’ve come to love Twitter this is the latest trendy alternative! It almost feels like a secret club that not everyone knows about. The thought of exclusivity can be intriguing which is why the platform is all the rage!


Threads is meant for daily thoughts, proclamations and appfinity moments which is great and can be a personal extension of your business that people like to see and relate to, however, so far it doesn’t seem to be an appropriate place to sell to people in the same way we do on other platforms.

If your goal is to sell, your marketing strategy may get more traction with soft indirect approaches and personal/conversational posts. The objective would then be to make your brand presence known but ultimately drive your audience to Instagram where you are clearly marketing yourself and services.

At the end of the day, I am still having fun on it and enjoying the behind the scenes of what other business owners are sharing!

Are you on threads yet? What’s your hot take?