Outsourcing is Imperative to Scaling Your Online Business. Here’s Why!

I hate to break it to you but you can’t do it all. Believe me, I know you are great, but it’s impossible to wear all the hats in your business.

You can’t be the CEO, the CFO, the CMO, Head of Sales and do everything that needs to be done behind the scenes to run a successful business. Let’s face it- You can do all of these things, but are you giving 100% of your effort in each area?

As small business owners, we need help. 

I know that when the words “outsourcing” and “hiring” come up, most business owners cringe. Maybe because you had a bad experience with a former teammate or you don’t think you have the budget to take on a teammate right now. Whatever the case, you need to think of hiring as an investment in your business not an expense.


Yes, hiring teammates is a commitment to your business. Whether it be for a specific task (like finally creating that freebie that’s been on your to-do list) or a service (like social media management) or for a certain amount of hours per week. 

Outsourcing is necessary for your business to grow!

You don’t have to start with a full-time or even a part-time employee. You can start with 10 hours of a month of assistance. 

What could you do with another 10 hours a month in your schedule? 

  • Take more sales calls? 
  • Commit to more in-person networking? 
  • Think more strategically about your business and your overall goals?
How to prep for outsourcing

It can be overwhelming at first but that to-do list is growing and let’s be honest- there are things that you just don’t have time to learn and things that you aren’t great at that need to be done.

Here’s a great first step in how to begin outsourcing: 

I always recommend recording a week’s worth of tasks you do that are recurring and/or that don’t need your zone genius (aka someone else can do it).  After a week you should have a pretty good list of what you can outsource to start with.   

If you are ready to take the leap into outsourcing in your business, I created a guide just for you, my VA Hiring Guide! It will take you through how to prepare for your first hire!