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Custom strategy to launch & grow your business

Library access to all business-building documents, templates & any of my online courses that I create

Slack support for real-time answers & feedback

Three private 1 hour video calls a month

What You Get

This one-on-one program is my love letter to aspiring business owners because it’s the guidance I wish I had. Whether you want to start a part-time business and make your first $10K online or scale with systems, operations and team to the million dollar mark. I’ll help you make it happen. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all program. It’s structured, personalized support so you can bypass the traditional learning curve and jump straight to bona fide business owner.

3-Month Coaching Program

option one

Your Investment: $499 a month or $1,399 paid in full

Building a portfolio

Pricing your services

Proposals & contracts

Organizing your business with online tools

Business tools & resources

Hiring team members

Creating systems and SOPs

Identifying & targeting your ideal client

Strategic vision & goal setting

How to delegate to team members

Potential Topics

Thinking about starting your own business or scaling it with systems and team? Maybe you want to shift to something slightly different. Whatever your end goal, talking it through with someone who has started, scaled, and pivoted her own business and helped to grow dozens of others from the inside. There’s a whole lot we can talk about so tell me what you want to focus on and I’ll take it from there.

60-Minute Strategy Call

option two

Your Investment: $397

Your Investment: $297

What You Get

In this self-paced course I’ll show you how to set up your virtual assistant business, get your first paying client, and deliver stand-out service. While this course is targeted to VAs, most of the information applies to any service-based business. It’s simple, straightforward, and actionable. No fluff here because you don’t have time for that.

Fast Track Your VA Business Course

option three

Plus worksheets and templates to get you up and running!

Module 7: Retaining clients

Module 6: Perfecting your client journey

Module 5: Launching your business

Module 4: Setting up your online presence

Module 3: The tools you need in your toolbox

Module 2: Getting paid

Module 1: Translating your skills into a successful VA business


for you

Get ready to level up your social media game with my free Video Content Guide. It’s time to stop overthinking your content and start creating! 

Want some quick business wins right out of the gate? Grab my free VA Starter Guide for tips on how to start your virtual assistant business with greater clarity and confidence.

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