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How Do You Do It All Yourself?
Spoiler Alert: You Don’t.


Showing up authentically and consistently online can feel like a lot. What’s the best way to connect with your audience, and how often? Where do you find new followers? How do you promote your services without sounding “salesy”? We’re a boutique marketing agency that will handle it for you because leaning on others is a lot more effective (and less stressful!) than trying to do it all yourself.

If you wish you could snap your fingers to remove “marketing” from your overflowing task list, consider us your team of genies. Just need some marketing guidance and a plan to follow? Coming right up. We can even help you start, grow, or pivot your business so you don’t have to stumble around in the dark alone. We believe success results from lifting each other up, so let us be your step stool to the business and life you want.

After more than a decade at a corporate ad agency serving a pretty big car account (it rhymes with Rhonda), I quit my job to focus on raising my two young sons. That was 2017. It was absolutely the right choice, but I actually wanted to work and knew I had a lot to offer. I just didn’t know how to do both. That’s when I stumbled onto the world of virtual assistance where I learned I could work part time, from home, while putting my obsessiveness for planning, structure, and detail to good use. It was seriously a match made in heaven.

Like a lot of freelancers, I was clueless at the beginning, but I found supportive networking groups and learned as I went. One client turned into two, then a handful. Before I knew it, I was living my weekdays in blocks of time—work, kids, work, family time, work, bed. I was busy, but also blissfully happy. Hustle is hardwired into me so I started expanding my offerings to tap more of my marketing expertise. 

Today I run a boutique marketing agency with a team of five talented women. Because guess what? I can’t do it alone either! Nor do I want to because they each bring something to the table that I don’t have. To date we’ve served more than 40 retainer clients…and counting. I even put together a plan to have my business run WITHOUT ME while I took three months off for baby number three. A girl this time. And I apply that same level of strategy and planning to the clients we serve. 

I’m so grateful to run a thriving, fulfilling business that works for me, my family, and my lifestyle. And I want the same for you. 

I’m Meredith! 

Hey There!
You deserve a business that fits into your life—not one that runs it. 

Done-For-You Marketing & Strategic Intensives

We offer ongoing retainer services to take social media, email marketing, podcast management, and other responsibilities off your plate so you can spend more time helping your clients. If you just need some strategic guidance and an actionable plan, try one of our Intensives. 

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If starting, growing, or pivoting your own service-based business is something you want, let me help you do it faster than I did—and with fewer mistakes! From a self-paced course to different levels of one-on-one mentoring, there’s no need to go it alone. I’ve got you.

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