Reason #876834 You Should Be Using TikTok for Your Coaching Business

It can be intimidating to start promoting your business on a new social media platform.  I get it especially one that is video based. But I have to say there are so many great advantages to putting your coaching business on TikTok right now. 

On top of it being fun and interactive, people are on this platform to be entertained and find value. 

How many times have you caught yourself aimlessly scrolling for hours watching clothes folding videos to put in your back pocket for later? I know I have. Or you found yourself down the rabbit hole of booktalk.

Your mission as a coach is to provide advice and value that your community can consume easily and put into action. The entertainment piece comes when you add in popular tunes and learn all of the cool transitions, but let’s take it slow.

Slow and steady always wins the race!

TikTok is a relatively new platform so if you are looking to take the leap now is the time to jump and make it work for you and your business. 

Unlike Instagram, TikTok is made up of only videos that are up to 3 minutes long and is only for your coaching business if you aren’t afraid of video. People want to see YOU and featuring your face in videos can be a great selling point for relatability reasons and the ever popular know, like and trust factors.

Don’t worry, if you need a little time to ease into the process of creating video content. There are multiple ways you can create videos without doing trendy dances and showing your face. 

If you have been on the fence about being on TikTok you may already be halfway there! 

Most of you coaches are already creating video content in some form or another (Instagram/Facebook Group/YourTube) so do a test by repurposing that video content to TikTok. See how it goes and if there is a community for what value you are providing. 

Why limit your videos to only one platform when you can extend your reach over several platforms? 

BONUS: Their analytics make it easy to see what is working and what is not.

One of the great things about being on TikTok is that it only takes one video to get a great community started. One of my clients got a majority of her community from one video and now she continues to build on that.

If you would like more tips or a game plan to incorporate TikTok into your marketing strategy, book your complimentary consultation today!