Why Now is a Great Time To Start Your Virtual Assistance Business

The pandemic was an extreme turning point not only for our health and mental state but for the virtual assistance industry.

Many companies decided to offer work from home positions to avoid the overhead cost of in-office employees and others turned to starting businesses of their own so they wouldn’t have to rely on an office setting for a steady stream of income. 

This also opened the door and created more opportunities for virtual assistants to step in and be a part of bigger businesses. 

Business has been booming ever since. 

As we step into 2023,  we can see that the way  we are doing business is ever changing. 

The virtual assistance industry is expanding as more and more business owners are discovering and taking advantage of this newfound way for them to offload tasks and projects without having full-time employees.

Social media is also now a huge player in a businesses’ marketing plan. It can become near impossible to juggle day-to-day operations on top of keeping a social media presence to grow your business so many are now reaching out to VA’s and social media managers for assistance.

There are so many benefits for business owners and it’s our job to make them aware of what a game-changer hiring a virtual assistant can do for their businesses. 

My favorite part about starting a virtual assistant business is there is no prior experience required! I encourage my students to take their past experience from companies they’ve worked and apply it directly to the business they want to create.

Whether it be experience from a retail company, teaching at a school, or marketing, all of those skills will help create a solid foundation for a virtual assistant business.

Beginning your business is a rewarding journey and it all comes down to when you decide to take the leap. There will never be an ideal time to start a business and the truth is that you will never be fully prepared, but the learning process comes with experience. 

Don’t be caught looking back on 2023 in the same position that you were in last year.

If you want all of the building blocks to starting your VA business, make sure to check out my self-paced Fast Track Your VA Business course.