New Year New Goals for Your Virtual Assistant Business

I love this time of year not only because I get to make big and exciting goals for my business but because I get to prepare for a fresh start. Creating goals for myself and my business is important because without goals you have no way to track your progress and keep yourself accountable. 

If you are trying to grow your business and take it a step further, goals and a good road map are necessary.

Create a plan

When creating a plan to reach my goals I want to be as specific as possible. Making more money in the new year is too vague and there are plenty of ways to go about it but how exactly will YOU make more money THIS year. 

Every step that will push you further toward accomplishing those goals should be listed. Some examples: marketing plan, funnels, call to actions, sales calls, etc. These goals can be long term and short term and sometimes it is best to set shorter milestones for yourself to keep you on track and motivated.

Also, keep in mind the order in which it makes more sense to do these things. What are your priorities?

Implement the plan

After you have set up a road map for you and your business, start to implement your plans and ideas. Give yourself plenty of time for trial and error and remember if something doesn’t work out you can always pivot and try another way.


If time management or accountability is an issue try out these tips that have helped me in my business:

  • Add milestones to your calendar so that you can easily map out deadlines and productive weekly or monthly tasks you need to do to keep you on track.
  • Don’t take on too much at once. Having several goals that you want to reach is great, but remember to prioritize only the things that align with your business needs at the current time. I always suggest only focusing on one goal at a time. Once the first goal is accomplished, move on to the next.
  • Get a coach or join a mastermind to keep yourself accountable. I have done both and they have worked wonders for my business.

Evaluate your progress

After each goal is checked off your list, it’s crucial to evaluate and assess. 

  • Were the steps I took to reach my goal essential? 
  • What worked and what didn’t? 
  • What would I do differently?

Many times, in hindsight, we realize we would’ve gotten more traction if we did things differently or if we used this tool things could have been streamlined but don’t be too hard on yourself. We are all learning and even seasoned business owners are constantly learning and trying new things. What works for someone else may not work for you and your business.

One last tip I have for you when it comes to evaluating your past actions when reaching goals is to celebrate. Celebrate the milestones that you’ve reached and celebrate the fact that you are planning for another and even better year ahead.

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