How to Prepare for Time Off During the Holidays

Taking time off in your business is crucial and it can be oh so exciting to plan for, however the last thing you want is for those vacation days to sneak up on you and leave you unprepared or even worse, unable to unplug.

Every year, myself, and I always encourage my team to take time off whether it be one day or a week as we head into the new year.

Here are a few things that I do to make sure my business is left in good standing while I’m away.

Schedule Your Time Off

The length of time isn’t an issue unless you don’t have enough time to prepare. I would suggest planning at least a few weeks to a month ahead of your time off.

The first thing I would do is block off that time in your calendar. Everything that you would normally do during that time now has to be done in advance. This may mean working longer hours than you are used to ahead of time but you will definitely thank yourself when you are sipping wine by the fireplace.

Let Your Clients Know

The most important thing to do when you are preparing for time off is to let your clients know you’re out of office days! 

If your clients send a daily list of tasks this is especially important because you don’t want them sending you time sensitive tasks in the middle of your time off.

Like mentioned before, all of the things you would normally do during your time off now has to be done in advance. 

Creating a checklist for yourself of these additional tasks will help you to stay on track and stay organized.

Send a Checklist to Your Clients

Send a checklist to your clients with things they need to send you early along with deadlines to ensure all their projects keep moving while you are out.

The holidays are a busy time for most business owners. They are sending promos, updating websites, putting out new products, creating different types of content, holding events, etc. 

Jumping on a call to get clarity of #all the things will help you plan more effectively while being mindful of the time.

Set Up Your Out Of Office Reply

You can prepare for time off and tell your clients you will be out of office, but it might slip their mind. Sometimes clients will reach out for help or you will receive a last minute task. One thing you can do is set up an automatic OOTO email stating that you are on time off and will be back on a certain date to reply to their requests.


It can be difficult to step away from your business for a while or even delegate tasks to your team while you’re away but this time away is essential for you and your business.At times we can spread ourselves so thin that we begin to lose sight of the reason why we started out business in the first place. 

Take this time to reflect on the year, re-evaluate your priorities, enjoy your family and friends and rest your mind. 

Happy Holidays!