Top 3 Things That Will Lead to Success in Your Business This Year!

A new year is the perfect time to reflect on your business to see how you can improve and make things work more efficiently. 

TIme is our currency these days!

  1. Brain dump all the things you have on your to-do list and floating around in your head

Start with a blank piece of paper and write down all the tasks and projects that you have on your to-do list. These should be all your client projects but also your business. Our own businesses often get pushed to the backburner unfortunately. 

Next write all your dream projects down. Maybe the projects you haven’t had time to get to or even think through yet because you are so caught up in the day-to-day that you don’t have time. 

Dream big dreams here!

  1. Create a Game Plan

Now take time to assess your projects and tasks. This is a good time to evaluate why these projects have not been started or completed. 

Below are some thought starters:

  • Why have I not had time to complete this task?
  • Is this adding to my business or just adding time/work?
  • Should this project be done by someone who has expertise in the field?
  • Are you waiting on a teammate to finish a portion so you can move forward with the next step?

Where can you streamline your listed  tasks? 

For example:  Are you spending alot of time emailing potential new clients about consultation sheduling?

A good fix would be to automate your calendar by using Acuity or Calendarly. Eliminating wasted time on multiple emails back and forth regarding availibility but your potential client is still being taken care of the way they deserve to be.

Another example: Are you spending too much time posting on social media everyday? Instead of spending 30 minutes every day, time block a couple hours one day to do a whole month of content and schedule it.  Then you can set and forget it as it auto posts for you. Then you get to do the engaging with your community which is the fun party anyway. 

  1. Priorize and Outsource

What remaining on your list is ONLY something you can do? 

I know we all think that we do things better than anyone but the fact is that someone can take over tasks that your specific expertise is not needed for to free up time.

You can outsource client onboarding. Once you have created a process you love you can have a teammember follow the process to ensure your clients are being handled with the utmost care without taking up any of your time.  

Social media engagement is another big one. Don’t have time to organically grow your social network but know you need to because you get so many leads in your DMs? A team member can take over your social engagment to ensure your community is being taken care of and sending you hot leads.

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Meredith Raber