Why Taking a Vacation is Actually Good for Your Business

When was the last time you took a few days away from your business that didn’t involve being sick or having to meet other obligations?

It’s common to work through our summer’s without skipping a beat but it can be beneficial to take that much needed break. 

Here are 3 reasons why taking a vacation is actually good for your business.     

Escaping the hamster wheel

It can be so easy to reach the point of burnout when we feel like we are just running the course of a hamster wheel day-in and day-out. Eventually, you start to feel stuck and that’s what we need to avoid as small business owners. 

A vacation doesn’t need to be in an  exotic location, it can be just a week off of your business. No need to be fancy, spend a lot of money or even travel. Taking a step back and spending time with your kids, picking up a hobby, or finishing the last chapter of that drama-filled book will do your mental health some good!

If you want a healthy work-life balance, start by taking a few days off from work.

Return to reality fully charged

The mental burnout can lead to second guessing yourself and why you even started your business in the first place! Curve the burnout and take the time off you need and deserve! This will give you time to be creative and brainstorm about new things for your business and your clients’ businesses. Truth is, some of my best ideas for my business came while on vacation! I gain so much inspiration from doing the things I love, taking in things around me, going for walks and going out with my family. It also gives you something fun to look forward to, therefore making the time pass by a little faster.

Reignite your creativity

Gone are the days of no time off. 

You can only push yourself so much before your thoughts start to get cloudy, it’s hard to stay focused, and the stress begins to creep in. Taking time off can help you to improve productivity and reach mental clarity so that you can come back refreshed and recharged – ready to serve your clients better than ever!

Tips to Prep for the Vacation

To gain the balance and much needed refresh you are looking for, start by prepping in advance to take vacation.

All of the work that you would accomplish normally during your time off you will have to work on now. Most tasks can be done in advance and even scheduled or placed on autopilot with certain tools. Social media, email newsletters, blogs, and even client work are great places to start. 

One last and the most important tip: Let your clients and customers know that you will be absent! Being transparent with them will help them be more respectful of your time but this is what will keep them coming to you time and time again for projects or even help you obtain that glowing review!

Do yourself a favor and take the vacation. You deserve it!