Creating a Summer Schedule for Your Online Business

Approaching the summer as a business owner can cause a lot of anxiety due to the shift in schedules for your family. I am not going to pretend that I have perfected summers with the kids home, but I have learned a thing or two that have helped when balancing both.

Make sure you have designated work hours

This might not be your normal 8-noon, but creating a consistent schedule around your kids’ sleep, activities, mealtime, etc. is a great way for you to accomplish work and keep your sanity! 

Maybe you will work early in the morning before your kids wake up or after they go to bed. Maybe you will work 2 full days versus 5 half days. Curate your schedule around the non-negotiables of summer break to find the balance you’re looking for.

Have a designated work space

Many online business owners can work anywhere and it’s one of the major perks. But when the kids are home, it’s important to have your own dedicated workspace to concentrate. The puzzle pieces and play-doh on the table may not prevent you from getting things done, but you would be amazed at how much your focus changes when you have a space that is used for your business and your business only. And as the kids get older and you retract to your workspace they will see it as an indicator that mom is busy and needs a little privacy. Wishful thinking, right?

Lighten your client load

If this is an option for you, summer is a great time to think about lightening your client load. Once the kids are home things may seem overwhelming and at times chaotic and unmanageable. We’ve all been there! Decrease your workload by a few hours and take this time to recharge and enjoy the summer with the kids instead of dreading it.

Set an activities schedule for the kids.

Creating a work schedule is great but when the kids are home how can you minimize the interruption? 

Having a schedule for your kids around works wonders. It doesn’t have to be super rigid, but have activities you would like them to do while you work, prepped snacks, and scheduled naps that they can adapt to daily. This is ideal for those discovery calls you would to omit babbles and screams during. Been there and done that!

Take a vacation!

This is one that is still difficult for me. Take a vacation and truly unplug. There’s no better way to refresh and recharge your mind and body than to get away for a bit. Plan to do those vacation days of work well in advance, put away the phone, leave the laptop and clear your mind.  Taking time for yourself and your family will be so good for you and your business. When I truely recharge I come back ready for action and with so many new creative ideas to bring to my clients.

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