The Benefits of Starting a Virtual Assistant Business

I quit my corporate job in 2016 and started my virtual assistance business, I’ve never looked back.

I loved my corporate career and it never really crossed my mind that there was another way to get everything that I could have hoped for in a career on my terms. A career that didn’t seem like a job. A career where I could hold my kids all day. A career where I could take a “me” day any time I wanted. A career where I could build the foundation around being present for my children. That career was entrepreneurship and here are some benefits I have found while building my VA business.

1. You set your own work schedule

The main reason I left my corporate career is because I had two babies under two and could not imagine being away from both of them for 10 or more hours a day.

In the beginning I did the naptime hustle and only worked when my children were napping or sleeping because I didn’t have daycare. Eventually they went to preschool and I adjusted my work schedule accordingly. I feel that I am always adjusting my schedule around my family and that feels amazing. I am able to schedule vacation or time off as much as is needed and I was even able to schedule a 3 month maternity leave when I had my third child. As a business owner, I can now use my time as I please. I still have dedicated work hours, but those hours are at times that are convenient for me.

2. You determine your financial goals

The number of clients you decide to work with and the amount of hours you dedicate to work directly correlates with your financial goals. In the beginning I worked in my business very part-time with only 1-2 clients at a time and I have grown to a team of 5 so I am able to service more clients. The income you could produce in your VA business is limitless and is determined solely by you.

3. Creating connections and lasting relationships

I’ve connected with so many passionate and driven business owners throughout the years! Most were former clients of mine, mutual contacts or digital friends (friends I have met on social platforms). Don’t be afraid to expand your circle online or in-person. You can do this by attending networking events or joining your local business groups. These connections, if nurtured, can create lasting relationships that can move you forward in your business or be the support that you never knew you needed whether that be reaching personal goals or broadening your skillset. Your network really is your net worth!

4. Working from home

Who doesn’t want to be near all the things and people you love every part of the day?
It can be challenging to find an employer that is understanding of your day cut short because of a sick child. It can also be difficult to commute to work when you just aren’t feeling yourself. When you start your VA business these will no longer be issues!
Work with clients while in your sweats, grab your snacks and coffee, and hold your kiddos close without reporting to your superior. And the best benefit of all? Helping someone else build their empire while you are growing your own! Starting my virtual assistant business was the best decision I have made and not just for myself but for my family too.

Are you looking for support in building your virtual assistant business? I would love to help. Book your clarity call today to see if my 3 Month VA Mentorship is a good fit for you and your business.