Why Hiring a VA is Right for You

There are many ways a virtual assistant can help you and your business. They can be the second pair of hands and eyes on your business that will help you go from the state of overwhelm to organized and thriving. Depending on your particular business, the tasks a VA can take off your overflowing plate could be as simple as customer service and calendar management to as complex as assisting with marketing strategy and overall goal setting.

Every virtual assistant builds their business a bit different

Since virtual assistants own their own businesses, they are able to structure their rates and/or packages for what works best for them and the services they offer. Typically you will find the below options available:

  • Set number of hours per week
  • Set number of hours per month
  • Customized service package based on your needs (i.e. email marketing management or social media management)


The biggest hesitation I hear from small business owners is:

“I need help to get my business to the next level but I can’t afford a VA.”

You should look at hiring a VA as an investment in your business. If you are able to outsource and task someone else with certain parts of your business just think what you could do with the additional time you will get back. What would that time allow you to do or expand in your business?

If you are a solopreneur, a VA is a great asset to have as they can be your partner in building up your business. A good VA will learn your brand, target audience and overall business goals so you can collaborate and bounce ideas off of each other.

– Meredith Raber

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