Why I Started My Virtual Assistant Business

Prior to starting my virtual assistant business, I had no idea what a VA was or even that this type of work existed. I was working in corporate advertising when I realized even though I loved my job and the team of people I worked with, my hours and commute were no longer working for my family.

As many of you know, having a second child is a GAME CHANGER! This is when my husband and I started to rethink our career paths and overall family goals. My long commute and crazy industry hours was becoming harder stomach as I had less and less time with my boys.

I went back and forth for weeks whether to quit or not (my poor friends that had to hear my indecisiveness, you know who you are). I think my choice was more difficult than most because I wasn’t leaving a job or company I hated, I loved them both. Also, I was unsure what was coming next for my career which is very unlike me not to have a plan in place before taking a leap.

The day came and I finally did it, I quit! There was an instant sense of relief, but I also had concern as to what I would do next. I was lucky in the fact that I had some time to figure out my next move while getting lots of quality time with my busy boys.


My dad was actually the one that suggested talking to an acquaintance of his that was a virtual assistant. She has been very successful running her own business for CEO types and high-level executives for many years. I was intrigued so set up a call with her.

She was awesome! She told me all about the industry. I gave her a my background and she assured me there was no doubt my skill set would transition seamlessly. She also provided me with resources to get started from programs to use, to Facebook and networking groups I should join.

Once I decided to dive in to the virtual assistant world, she was a great sounding board for any questions that came up along the way. I was so motivated by this new idea of having more time with my boys while building my own business with the skill set that I had worked so hard for during my 11 years in corporate.

I have now been building my business for almost two years. Everyday is a bit different which I love since I have a variety of clients that have various needs. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment when all my clients needs are taken care of and happy!

Although I never thought I would be a business owner, now I can’t imagine it any other way!

– Meredith Raber

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