Easy Ways to Incorporate Video into Your Social Media Strategy

Video content is here to stay friends so it’s time to start including it in your social strategy. That’s not to say that graphics are no longer grabbing attention but video is being prioritized and pushed up further in the feed versus other types of static content.

The knee jerk reaction I usually get when I say this to clients is anxiety that they will have to sing and dance to do video and that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

If busting a move on camera isn’t for you, here are a few ideas to incorporate video content into your strategy:

Tip Series

Put together a list of informative points that your target audience would find helpful and break them down into a video series. Providing useful tips to your audience not only gives them value but also provides more visibility so dream clients can actually find you.


Users are present on social media to do 1 of 3 things- Make purchases, be entertained, and learn. When a visitor can take away something from your content, such as learning something new, this positions you as the authority. Showing your audience how to do something is a great way to gain the legitimacy and credibility you need to catch potential prospects’ eyes.


A timelapse is a great way to create video content without having to actually show your face. Setting up for an open house, cleaning a room, and hand making an item are all examples of a process to use for a timelapse. These processes are sped up to draw the eye and are more likely to stop the scroll to entertain visitors. I don’t know about you, but I could spend all day scrolling through timelapse videos!

Before and Afters

There are so many trending before and after videos on social media- take advantage of them! Show client results or a project before and once you are done with it. No task is ever too small to showcase what an impact it makes on the project once complete! Sometimes it’s nice for clients to see that even the less popular services you offer can make a difference in their business.

Behind the Scenes

Not only do behind the scenes videos show viewers the parts of your business that go unseen but these types of videos make you relatable. A few examples behind the scenes could be showing how to make your product, styling a room or how to make your favorite brownies with your kids.

Your Own Quotes

People love quotes! (myself included)Use animated video with music to share your mission, a controversial opinion, or even affirmations that are relative to your business.


Hopping on the latest TikTok or Reel trends is always a good idea. It’s so easy to say you don’t want to hop on the popularity train but if it gets your content prioritized and helps get more eyes on your post, then why not? One way to find popular trends is to search music inside the platform and look for an arrow next to your music selection. If an arrow is present, the audio is trending and is a great choice to use for your next video.

Personal videos

Depending on how comfortable you are sharing your family with your community this can be a great way for them to get to know your authentic self. Personal content helps make a connection between yourself and your potential clients. You are more than just a business and putting a face to the brand helps build that like, know, and trust factor. 

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