Balancing Motherhood and Building Your Business

I hit a crossroads when I had my second son.

I loved my corporate advertising career, but the 9-5 work schedule was no longer working for my family so something had to give.

I was desperately searching for the home/work life balance that we all crave.

I wanted to work, yes you read that right, BUT I also wanted to be home with my babies.

This is when I found the world of online business and dove in head first.

Building your online business while being a mom is not easy, but it has been a game changer for me and my family which is why I am so passionate about helping others do the same.

Here are some things I have learned:


There are going to be various seasons and you will go through every one of them. Just like the seasons that we encounter every year, some you will look forward to and others that will only make you want to burry your head. It’s all apart of your business journey! You may encounter seasons of growth, seasons of resilience and maybe even seasons of decline and that is OK.


Boundaries with clients are essential. When you are just starting out you may brush off that client text at 6pm but without clear boundaries between your work and personal space, the last thing you want is for it to turn into a habit. Establishing boundaries from the beginning of your work relationship is needed. It’s important to outline both yours and the clients expectations.

Remember Your Why:

Sometimes we get so excited about our work that we forget why we started. For me it was to be able to be MORE present with my kids. So taking on more clients was great but it was important for me to put some of the fundamental business strategies into play, like time management, in order to fulfill my purpose within my business. 

When we lose sight of our purpose, self doubt, rethinking our choices, and just getting to the point of burnout is imminent. Remember why you started your business and find ways to constantly remind yourself.

Dream Clients:

Only work with clients that you are aligned with. Not only will it make working with them so much more pleasant, but the work should be something you like to do, not that you dread doing. 

Working with clients that align with you and your values give you purpose and motivate you to do better. Finding your dream clients can mean anything from the client being in an ideal niche, personalities that sync with yours, their outlook on work and life, etc. My clients align with my values, therefore, they motivate me to do things I would have never imagined because their courage is something that I like to see in myself!


Having support is key whether it be from your partner, family, friends, mastermind or coach. Having someone to support you and your goals is so important to building a solid business. One of the biggest regrets I have is not getting a coach earlier. It can be so easy to downplay your success because we all have a milestone in mind that we feel we must hit in order to label ourselves as successful. In my mind my business wasn’t successful enough or big enough to get a coach. Celebrate your wins even if they are small, open your mind to feedback, and accept the support. Not only will it fast track your success, but a healthy mindset in all stages of your business is key.

Do you need additional support in getting your VA business off the ground?