5 Ways to Repurpose Content

If you aren’t repurposing content in your business, it’s time to start. 

Here’s the deal, you’ve already done the hard part, which is actually creating it — whether it be a podcast, blog post, newsletter or video the content. 

Now it’s time to share it with your audience.

The main ways to repurpose content is by sharing via social media, creating blogs, adding it to your newsletters, creating video or audio content and freebies. 

Let me show you that one episode of a podcast can be repurposed 5 ways.

You record the podcast and it gets published. 

  1. Take the podcast and create show notes on your website, which is basically a snapshot of the podcast. This is also awesome for SEO.
  2. Take the topic of that podcast and create a blog and publish to your website. Another bonus for SEO.
  3. From the blog, create 3-5 social posts regarding that same topic and post to all your social media platforms.
  4. Email your list letting them know your podcast has been published and then in a separate email let know about your latest blog.
  5. Use that same topic to chat on your social media platform of choice in a video form. This could be as simple as a story on IG or you could do an FB Live about the topic in a group that you host.

It really is that easy.

There is always a concern of what if the same person sees that same content in all the places. The reality is that it won’t happen or if it does they are seeking that content and are happy that they are seeing it in all the places.

Also make sure to revisit old podcasts, blogs and social posts. 

You want to make sure all the content you worked so hard to create for your audience is consistently circulated.

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