The Key to Instagram

The key to Instagram may not be what you think it is.  

Many people are convinced the amount of followers is the key to the IG game but it isn’t. 

WHAT!?! Yes, I said it. 

Follower count is a vanity number.

You can have thousands of followers and no one buying your service or product but on the flip side you can have only hundreds of followers and run a thriving and successful business.

It all comes down to your target audience and qualifying your followers.

If you have followers that are never going to buy from your business and aren’t interested in the massive value you are providing them, it doesn’t behoove you to have them follow you.

Instagram thrives on follower engagement, not just likes but comments, post saving and sharing content. If your followers are acting as placeholders and not participating in your community those high follower numbers aren’t going to help you or your business. 

But how do I promote engagement among my followers?

You need to be authentic and build a true community which takes commitment and time. Show up often and consistently. Prove to your target audience the value of your services then you can build the know, like and trust factor.

Do the work. You need to engage with your followers authentically and be interested in what they are providing as well. 

Building a community is what IG wants you to do and that is what you want to do as a business. You want to follow your ideal clients, engage and share their content as well.

You will be surprised how quickly you can build momentum when you take interest in your followers. Seek your ideal clients. Follow them, engage with their content and comment. This will go a long way to getting to know your community as well as gaining new clients and building a thriving business.

What about hashtags?

Hashtags will help your amazing content be seen and stand out from the crowd.

Use them. 

They are also a great resource to use when you are looking to follow and engage with your target audience.

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