Leveling Up Your Business During Quarantine

Let’s be real, this is an unnerving time for all small business owners personally and professionally, but this is not a time to give up on all that you have worked so hard for. 

Many of us are finding more time on our hands due to a slowing of business. This extra time should be viewed as a silver lining that we need to take advantage of. 

What have you been putting off in your business?

Take this time to evaluate.

Below are a couple key areas I would review now just like you would at the end of a year:

  • What is working in your business?
  • What is not working in your business?
  • What projects are you looking to launch this year?
  • What is your marketing strategy?
  • Are you needing a new team member or to outsource parts of your business?
  • Do you need updates to your website or social media platforms?

Once you have completed your evaluation, prioritize what should be done first. Then create realistic timelines for each of your projects to follow so you stay on track.

Lifestyles have also changed in a major way with many of us now having children home with us during the day. Assisting your children with their school work as well as working on your business may have you feeling like you don’t have extra time at all or maybe you aren’t able keep your business running at full capacity.

Consider outsourcing projects or hiring on a contractor to help you through this time. Handing over the small projects so you can focus on the core of your business will increase your efficiency as well as get some of your sanity back.

Looking to outsource? Feel free to reach out as I would love to help you through these challenging times.


Meredith Raber

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