Batch Planning Your Workload

Wondering how busy entrepreneurs are getting #allthethings done? 

They have a podcast, blog and multiple social media platforms as well as their actual business and it looks like it’s all so seamless but you can’t seem to keep up with just your social media content?

Let me introduce you to batch planning.

This is how many small business owners are doing it and it vastly increases efficiencies in your business. 

What is batch planning?

Let’s say you have a blog that you would like to publish once a month. 

Pick one day each quarter to block out on your calendar for blog planning. Make sure you block out enough time. For this example for this task I would recommend 3 hours.. 

During this planned time block you will do the following for your next 3 blogs:

  • Brainstorm topics
  • Outline 3 chosen topics
  • Write each blog
  • Add each blog to your website as a draft
  • Source images for each blog
  • Create social media graphics for promotional purposes

At the end of your concentrated time block, you will have three blogs that are ready to go and you don’t have to think about it until next quarter when you have next blog planning day..

This is also how many podcasters and video content creators do it too. They pick one day a month or quarter where they record multiple episodes so they have an evergreen library of content to pull from as opposed to struggling on the day to day to find something to use.

I use batch planning for all my social media clients. 

I create a whole month of their content the month prior to posting with enough time for them to review and provide any comments. Once the client has approved, I schedule their posts and they don’t have to think about it for another month! This helps with their messaging and promo periods as well ensuring we are touting what is most important to their business at the right time.

Have batch planning questions? 

I would love to hear from you!



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