Time Blocking: A Busy Entrepreneurs Savior

Are you feeling overwhelmed with #allthethings and don’t know where to start? 

Time blocking is here to the rescue! 

What is time blocking?

Time blocking is when you assign a specific amount of time to a specific task.

I am a marketing strategist with 6 retainer clients as well as a couple project clients at any given time so I have to time block my client work along with my on-going business tasks to ensure I am fulfilling my responsibilities to each client and project. I am also a wife and mom so I have family calendars and social commitments that need to be incorporated as well.

Check out the below sample schedule to see how it works:


8-9am Client 1 status call (weekly)

9-10:30am Work on client 1

10:30- 11:30am Work on client 2

11:30 am-12:15pm Schedule social media for client 3

12:15 pm – 1pm Lunch and preschool pick-up

1-2:00pm Write blogs – My Biz

I use Google calendar because I am Google girl but any digital calendar will do. Make sure to utilize the reoccurring function for any meetings, weekly projects or reminders.

To get started, I recommend looking at your week as a whole. 

Do you have any deadline driven tasks i.e. a podcast that needs to be uploaded on a Monday, a newsletter that needs to be sent every Thursday or reoccurring status meetings with your clients? Add those in first at their specific time and day.

There are most likely certain tasks that lend themselves to be done on certain days or at certain times of your day. For example, I have young kids so I often work in the early morning and evenings around their sleep schedules. I enjoy doing more creative things in the evening and inbox management and responding to client emails in the morning when I am fresh.

Now put all of your commitments in your calendar and block out the estimated time it takes to complete them. You should look at these time blocks as events in your calendar just like you would a meeting. Show up and make sure to move on to the next task when your calendar says it is time to.

After your first week has concluded, review how it went overall.

Did you like doing social media midday or do you like to do it first thing in the morning? 

Reflect on what times were good for your specific responsibilities and tasks. 

In an ideal world, you will have on-going weekly tasks that stay in your calendar and you will fill in new projects or responsibilities when they are assigned.

This will ensure you get all your tasks completed on time every time!

-Meredith Raber

Have a time blocking question?  Hit me up! I love chatting time blocking and organization.

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