What is a Virtual Assistant?

This is a question I get 98% of the time when I tell people I started my own virtual assistant business. Until I launched my business and dove into the world of online marketing I wouldn’t have been familiar with the term either.

cropped-meredith_4_aThe technical term of a VA is a self-employed professional that provides administrative, technical or creative assistance to clients remotely. This is pretty on point. As a VA, I have the luxury of working from my home office or favorite coffee shop while fulfilling the responsibilities my clients might require.

My background is in corporate advertising, so my VA business is built on social media, emailing marketing and project management services as these are a natural fit with my skill set. I have also had the opportunity to expand my services to assist clients with general administration, office operations, podcast production, social media video production, course creation and design.

How do you work with someone you have never met in person and don’t see on a daily basis?

Forms of communication have come a long way. I am in constant communication with all my clients depending on their specific preference. Some of my client’s love communicating via email and text while others utilize chat programs such as slack and weekly status calls because they have a larger team working on their business. I am lucky that some of my clients are local to the Los Angeles area, so we do get to meet in person once in a while, but it’s definitely not mandatory to my job function.

VA’s generally work with small business owners or entrepreneurs because these clients most likely don’t need a full-time employee but still require on-going support and partners in growing their business.

What I love about being a VA is I’m able to work with clients in various industries as well as in assist in various facets of their business. Every day is a bit different for me depending what each of my client’s goals are and their need for the current week or month.

– Meredith Raber

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