Kind Words

“When I was trying to do my social media by myself, I just kept feeling like I was drowning in never ending tasks, struggling to even breathe.  I tried hiring a much cheaper VA through Fiverr, and that worked for a bit, but with language barriers/major time zone differences (with all the way on the other side of the world), it just became more of a challenge to keep up with it all, again.  As soon as I started working with Meredith and her team, it was like a ray of sunshine and a fresh breeze.  Since we’ve started, my engagement is higher, my following has grown, and I have been able to even take time off for sick days/vacations without worrying about posts.  Thank you, Meredith!!”

-Kirstin Baxter (Empathic Coach)

“Meredith is always available, flexible, and proactive. She really seems to want what’s best for me and my business.”

-Rachel Bailey (Parenting Specialist)

“Meredith was truly delightful to work with. She has impeccable systems in place, is SO on top of everything, and is always open to feedback and changes. When I first reached out to Meredith, the idea of being consistent on social media made my head spin. Meredith took it all off my plate and created a social media strategy that upped my engagement, created consistency, and made me stop dreading the idea of being active on social.”

-Michelle Pollack (Leadership Coach)

“Meredith is such a pleasure to work with! She is very detail-oriented and so easy to communicate with. As a business owner, it is such a relief to hand over something like social media and to not have to worry about it. She makes it so easy and seamless! I would highly recommend working with Meredith!”

-Angela Martinucci (Founder/CEO of Mind Balance)

“I can’t say enough about Meredith Raber Virtual Assistant Services. I am co owner of an Interior Design Company and we hired Meredith to help us with all aspects of social media for our company. She is professional, knowledgeable, organized, and personable. With her expertise we were able to put in to place everything we needed and more. She was able to give us a variety of options to help enhance our business. I highly recommend Meredith for any of your business needs.”

-Liz Cardona (L&M Design and Company)

“Meredith is one of the most detail oriented people I’ve ever met. She works diligently until everything is done perfectly. She enthusiastically will help out with any task no matter how big or small. She is a master of PowerPoint and Excel. Meredith is extremely attentive to deadlines and has always been my go-to person to get the job done!”

-Eliza Wan (COO of Orange Door)

“Meredith is a pure joy to work with. She’s professional and always on the ball! We make a great team and she plays a valuable part in my business.” 

-Valerie Schrementi (Valerie Schrementi)

Meredith is exactly who I was looking for. I run an owner-operator small business with a variety of different projects and revenue streams. I needed to be able to delegate entire segments of my business. I wanted the time back in my day and to refocus my attention on areas of the business that only I could execute. But, more importantly, I knew that I was no longer able to give the proper attention to certain areas of my business that had a potential to grow if nurtured. So, I was looking for someone I could trust with a business I’ve put a lot of love and effort into building. Meredith has scooped up those projects. She takes initiative, she asks me the right questions, and she has grown every area of business I have handed over. She transforms what I give her, puts systems in place, and creates new opportunities and relationships as a result. I’m so happy I found her!

-Melissa Forziat (Melissa Forziat Events and Marketing)

“Meredith is the most organized person I have ever worked with, she creates a system before I even knew I needed a system. She has helped my business to get uber-organized. Meredith is also extremely conscientious in terms of the work she does and its output. She is great at being self-disciplined and self-motivated. I do not worry about things when I know she is in charge of getting them done. From having her do my calendar to project management, she has been stellar!” 

-Tracy Crossley (TC Mentoring LLC)

“Meredith has been helping with my professional social media for about six months now, and I couldn’t be happier. As a business owner, I understand the need to use social media effectively, but I feel like I’m spinning my wheels when I’ve done it myself in the past. Meredith not only creates new and creative content for regular posting, she engages with my audience authentically. Her experience has produced results, in increased audience engagement and in volume of new clients and new work. Marketing for a business law firm can be kind of weird, but Meredith has worked hard to “get it.”

-Matt Hrutkay (Hrutkay Law)

“Working with Meredith is a breeze! Coordinating skills are superb and she has great natural insights. She goes above and beyond to meet expectations and has always been professional and timely. I’ve already referred her to a few others who are equally as impressed with her skill set!”

-Grant Alley (First American)

“Working with Meredith is a real pleasure, she is extremely organized, knowledgeable, resourceful, trustworthy and always hits her deadlines. Meredith’s talents extend from Marketing to Project Management and she is always thinking outside the box to get results. Meredith helped us more than double our social media presence in our Real Estate business, helped manage and resource video shoots and has a great pool of talented connections at her fingertips to help get any tasks done you need, I highly recommend her!.” 

-Richard Eldred (Eldred Group)